Saturday, February 21, 2004

So much has happened . . .

. . .concerning the new development that I'm asking you to immediately go to our discussion pages (see links below) and to carefully read the details. I always post our latest updates on the discussion pages first. Read all of this week’s postings especially "Important: What We've Learned Today."

I spent Friday morning visiting all of the sites from the cove way up river to the cove behind El Lago, taking many photos, and talking with residents and the excavation crew.

Here's the skinny on yesterday and today's topics on our discussion page at http://www.topica.com/lists/discussslakebridgeport

Excavation work started yesterday from the road going into the marina all the way to behind El Lago . . .The impact of one day's work is hard to imagine without seeing it for yourself. . .

Kevin Burns on how Femrite's crew can start work without any permits . . .

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Monday Kevin Burns will ask the Commissioners to send a resolution to Tarrant County Regional Water District that could make a major difference . . .

More about Femrite's other developments . . .

Why Save Eagle Mountain, Inc. is offering to help . . .

What the infamous Dennis Rodman of NBA fame has to do with all of this . . .

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