Monday, March 01, 2004

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Star Telegram To Do Third Follow-Up Story
Will we learn why John Femrite is prohibited from disclosing the exact amount of acreage in the deal or the price?

Should We Join Forces?
What can we learn from the folks at Eagle Mountain?

Dredging Has Begun
Want pictures? Send me an e-mail Email Barb!,and I’ll send you three photos taken this weekend that won’t clog your in box.

County Commissioners Block Action Last Week
Get the text of why they blocked action requesting that we use Wise County’s more stringent subdivision rules for a new development on Lake Bridgeport.

What About Incorporating?
An attorney’s advice to those who live in unincorporated areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do you have two sites – one for discussion of NW Lake Bridgeport News and this Sandflat News site?

A: Some folks just want a simple link to a news site. Some folks want to keep up with the news as it happens. Some folks may want to add their two cents.

Q: Why do you require a subscription to the discussion page?

A: It’s another free site and you have to subscribe if you want to participate. But there’s an added advantage. People who take the time to subscribe really are far more interested in what’s going on up here. They want to participate. Eventually I will eliminate the old list and only send update notices to our subscribers who really want the information.

Q: Why don‘t you just go ahead and post the daily updates on this page?

A: If I were better at HTML code, I would. This is a free site and free is what we all want, but free comes with added work. Right now it just takes time and editing, and not all discussion really needs to be posted here. I can just send a simple update to our discussion page via e-mail any time – no hassle. You can too once you subscribe.

Q Why don’t you post the pictures here?

A: I can’t. This site doesn’t offer that capability – it costs money. Want copies of the pictures? Send an e-mail directly to me at
Email Barb!, and I'll send them to you.

Q: Why am I getting two identical e-mail update notices every week?

A: You are probably still on my old Sandflat e-mail list as well as the new subscription discussion list. Now that subscriptions are up and growing weekly, it won’t be long before I just go ahead and delete the old list. I’m just trying to make sure that I haven’t missed anyone on the old list.

Q: Why are you doing this? What’s in it for you?

A: I love our land, this lake, and I’ve invested my life here. I figure that most of you feel the same way too. I believe in being proactive – especially about the things that I love. I want to keep us all informed because I believe that when people pull together miraculous things can and do happen. And even if nothing does improve, I will have the sense of satisfaction of knowing that I did my best.

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