Monday, March 01, 2004

Hurray! Today County Commissioners Approved The Resolution to Toughen Lake Subdivision Rules

Isn’t it great to know that our voices have been heard? Last week our County Commissioner, Kevin Burns, asked commissioners to approve a resolution to the Tarrant Regional Water Board, requesting that it use Wise County’s more stringent subdivision rules for a new development on Lake Bridgeport. Last Monday County Commissioners blocked action but took it up again today and passed the resolution. The resolution has been sent to TRWD for their approval. If the resolution passes TRWD, it will require that all subdivision sites be 2 acres rather than 1 acre and that should cut down the number of residents that could build up here. Commissioners will have to wait on the TRWD’s decision.

Now is the time to let TRWD know that we back this resolution. Call or write to TRWD at

Tarrant Regional Water District
800 E. Northside Drive
Fort Worth, Texas 76102-1097
TRWD http://www.trwd.com/

Send e-mail to:

Mark Ernst, Water Quality Manager Western Division at Email M. Ernst!

Wayne Owen, Planning and Development Division at Email W. Owen!

By all means, call or send a big “Thank You” to our County Commissioner, Kevin Burns

Kevin D. Burns
793 County Road 3250
Decatur, TX 76234
Email Kevin!

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