Saturday, March 13, 2004

This Week’s Posts to Our Discussion Page

Does anyone have any thoughts about. . . a very large "fuel" storage tank on this development site? . . .

Above Ground Storage Question . . .letter to Lake Bridgeport Superintendent, Richard Ellis. . . Some of our residents have noticed a large diesel fuel storage tank . . .

Part Answer on Above Ground Storage Question. . .from Mark Ernst, the TRWD Water Quality Manager of the Western Division. . .

My Reply and More Storage Info from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality . . .

Polluter Gets Shut Down for dirt and mud runoff . . . perhaps we can learn something? . . .

Worst Case Spill Scenario answer from TRWD Water Quality Manager of the Western Division, Mark Ernst . . .

Femrite's Granbury Development Lovely . . . This week some residents, myself included, decided to take a little look-see down in Granbury and to decide for ourselves . . .

Excellent Index Article . . . The Bridgeport Index article, published Thursday, March 11, 2004, "Montgomery County official sheds light on NW Lake Bridgeport development," went a long way towards summarizing and outlining rumors . . .

All Newspaper Stories/Opinions and Links . . .If you’ve been missing all the news and related stories concerning the new development, or you just want to catch up, I’ve listed them here with links.

More Pictures Available

Photo of Fuel Delivery at the new development on the Boy Scout Ranch land, and pictures of Grand Harbor at Granbury

Photo request Send me an e-mail
Email Barb!

Concerned Citizens of Wise County is an organization dedicated to the protection of our sources of water and the safety of our citizens through education and the active monitoring of Injection Disposal Well activity in Wise County Texas. Visit their Web site at http://www.concernedcitizensofwisecounty.com/

Discussion Page Lessons

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