Friday, June 11, 2004

Former Resident of El Lago Published Author

Long time residents of El Lago and Cozy Cove may remember former landowners Jeff and Mary Shapiro and their two children Allison and Bradley. What you might remember best about Jeff is his uncanny ability to run into trouble – like the time he set El Lago Cove on fire while wearing his “No Problem” tee shirt. Jeff’s unfailing self-deprecating humor has redeemed him time and time again, and he’s gained the reputation for keeping folks bent over in laughter.

Jeff has written a collection of personal stories How I Found Trouble and Trouble Found Me that include a couple of Lake Bridgeport adventures. Former neighbors may discover themselves in these stories – with their names changed to protect their innocence or guilt, as the case may be.

The following is an informational release from Textron . . .

“During the week of June 21 - June 25, Textron will conduct a campaign to raise money through the sale of books, for the Scottish Rite Children's Hospital for crippled children. Our own Jeff Shapiro, President of Edwards & Associates, Inc. will be at our facility in Hurst to personally sign his new book How I Found Trouble and Trouble Found Me, a collection of humorous stories, with all proceeds from the book being contributed to the Scottish Rite Hospital. . . .The cost of the book is $10 and with Textron's matching contribution, $20 will be contributed to the hospital for each book purchased.”

Other works by Jeff Shapiro to come out soon: Coach is a novel about a coach who desperately needs to recruit this player to save his own life, and a player that does not want to be recruited. Also there will be a sequel to How I Found Trouble and Trouble Found Me - after all Jeff just keeps having troublesome adventures!

To order his book and to learn more about Jeff go to his web site at

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