Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Spillway Gates Will Not Open!!!

Local news stations have been broadcasting that the Lake Bridgeport spillway gates are about to be open. I just talked to Lake Supervisor, Richard Ellis, and he said that there is no intention to open the gates even if the lake goes 6 feet over conservation level (836 feet). He said that Eagle Mountain Lake already has too much water. Ellis said that that WBAP is supposed to put a crawler on the news announcing that the gates WILL NOT be opened.

No Clean Up Until Logs Reach Gates!

One of our residents talked to Richard Ellis today about the erosion and asked this . . . “I would think that the developers would be responsible for not only cleaning up their mess ( the logs etc.) but also for any damage this flotsam may have caused, and take immediate action to prevent any more problems. Isn't it one of the functions of the Water Board to not only prevent this sort of thing, but also to fix, on a timely basis, a lake problem such as this?”

Richard Ellis told him that he doesn’t believe that most of the erosion is caused by the new development, but he would know more when he is able to get out on the water and see for himself. He also said that the water board isn't allowed to do cleanup until it reaches the gates or the spillway.

Great link showing current elevations of Lake Bridgeport at several intervals throughout each day

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