Thursday, June 03, 2004

What can happen when a developer annexes an existing neighborhood?

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Letters to the Editor

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Well if you want to know what can happen come to my neighborhood. . .This developer bought out a big hunk of my neighborhood that runs along the Trinity where Tandy is building. They cleared away homes that were beautiful old with character and now there is nothing. It is very sad. Now they have meeting to tell US who have lived there for ages about the new rules for the neighborhood once the development is built. Stuff that has always been acceptable is no longer allowed and we get ticked for everything. We just went through a fight to save our old school as far as I know we won. Get this they wanted to put up a wall that would block in the new development. It was to be U shaped with the open end toward downtown. The rest of the neighborhood would be blocked from downtown, from the fire station and hospitals. We would have to go clear to 28th street and 35 to go downtown. I don’t know how that is going to work.

I feel we are a lost cause. STRAUS is the developer and it was in the newspaper and we attended all the meetings but it was hard to stop him he owns the land now. I pray that he will not have any outside investors to complete the project. I know it has slowed down. But he has plowed up and torn down all the houses. Our quiet little community that no one wanted to be here because we have to drive a distance for just gas now has become the in place to be. This guy looks for people who owe back taxes and has been able to take peoples homes by getting the city to foreclose.

Ann M. Cruz
Fort Worth, Texas

Editors’ Response: Have you read the Fort Worth Comprehensive Plan for 2004? Contact the Fort Worth League of Neighborhood Associations at http://www.fwlna.org/
They claim “to protect and enhance the neighborhood concept . . .".

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