Friday, July 30, 2004

All About Trash

Grand Harbor or Grand Mess???

What happens when the contours of a cove are drastically changed and rocks, boulders, and hundreds of trees are removed? The photos taken last evening (see below) are heartbreaking to anyone who knew this cove before it was “studied” by Mr. Femrite for the purpose of purchasing the land from the Boy Scouts for his new development. Where once there were many rocks and boulders lining a winding path up to a run off spring on the top of the hill, now there is a gaping trench in the land where the grass cloth has washed away along with much soil. Although that grass cloth was laid down in May most of it is ruined. It’s now July 30th and I still don’t notice any grass growing there, do you?

So we got about 3.5 inches of rain Wednesday according to my rain gauge. Not enough to even muddy the lake or to bring in new debris. The latest photos (below) show that the debris still remains from the big rains that came in early June. Click on the Archives 6/1/04 – 6/30/04 (left side of the page). Scroll down through the photos that document June’s rains and its effect on the cove. Look at the photo posted June 8th. That’s the refrigerator floating into the cove. I’ve been watching it now for almost two months. The refrigerator shown (below) in last evening’s photo is a real hazard because it still has doors attached.

Right after the June rains Mr. Femrite told some of our neighbors that he would be removing the debris from his cove. That hasn’t happened. Perhaps he’s just giving nature a chance to move the debris into another cove? Or perhaps he’s waiting for a Good Samaritan to come along and remove it for him???

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