Monday, August 16, 2004

Messenger Article Raises More Questions

Last Thursday’s WCM article “Scouts move ahead with sale, improvements” raises a number of unanswered questions concerning the sale of the Boy Scout ranch land. Why has the sale of the ranch land been postponed until December 15th? Why does the portable building sales office on the corner of US 380 and Highway 101 look so abandoned? Why does it appear that work (including cove cleanup) on the ranchland has ceased? What questions prompted Mr. Dan Clifton, executive director for the Longhorn Council, to state that he won’t comment further until the sale is final? Persistent rumors abound of serious internal conflict within the Longhorn Council. Will this have an impact on the proposed sale?

Excerpts from the WCM article:

“With increased demand for facilities, the Longhorn Council of Boy Scouts of America is moving forward with improvement plans at the Sid Richardson Scout Ranch on Lake Bridgeport as well as other locations.After months of declining to talk to the Messenger about plans for the local ranch, Dan Clifton, executive director for the Longhorn Council, gave a brief summary of projects via E-mail on Friday. . . .

The executive director’s closing line was, “None of these projects will be funded from the sale of the (Sid Richardson Scout Ranch) land under contract.” Clifton was referring to a deal in which developer John Femrite has a contract pending to purchase 600 acres on Lake Bridgeport but not connected to the rest of the local 3,000-acre ranch.In February, the developer began work on eight miles of shoreline in preparation to build a private marina. Then, a parcel of land at the corner of US 380 and Highway 101 was platted by Bridgeport and named Femrite Addition with the understanding that the gray portable building placed there will be a sales office for the lake development. Clifton said Friday that the closing of the Longhorn Council’s sale of the 600 acres to Femrite has been postponed to Dec. 15. He said he won’t comment further until the sale is closed. "

The entire article can be accessed at

Photos Below Tell Lake's Many Stories

The House of Many Dreams, as I call it, has sold and will soon be slated for demolition. What would prompt someone to continue to build, and revise, a house for almost 20 years and never complete it? No doubt nearby neighbors on the main lake will be delighted when this monstrous eyesore is gone but, like much of history, it deserves a passing glance.

See additional pictures taken last Sunday of other BS ranch land coves on this lake that have been dredged and mutilated.

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