Saturday, August 28, 2004

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County Wants to Raise Septic Tank Permit Rates
WCM: Published Sunday, August 22, 2004

“Also, commissioners said they would vote Monday to raise rates for septic tank permits – to $360 for a standard residential permit and $560 for an aerobic or business permit. Public works Director Tom Goode estimated that would bring in an additional $80,000 next year, based on an average of 450 permits.”


County Commissioners Tabled Action on Variances Sought by Grand Harbor Estates
Published by WCM: Thursday, August 19, 2004

- “tabled action on variances sought by Grand Harbor Estates. The county does not want to reduce the setback on structures and wants fire hydrants every 500 feet.”

Appraisal Data Outsourced to India?

"Pleasanton, Calif.-based E-Loan has said that for about a month, it has given its borrowers the choice of whether they want their application processed in the U.S. or in India, with the caveat that if they choose India, the loan can be funded one to two days earlier (10 versus 11 or 12).
The company claims that so far, 80 percent of customers have said "bye, American!" and chosen India. The lender says its overseas contractor is "bound by strict privacy and security standards that are consistent with E-LOAN'S stringent privacy policy." Its privacy policy does not say by whom or what the contractor is bound. We presume consumers are told when given their "choice" that U.S. laws are unenforceable in India . . .”

Tips to Avoid Insurance Company Abuse

“Stop and proceed with caution… if you are told to pay for your own health care bills or auto and home repairs with the promise of reimbursements at a later date. Insurance companies should always make direct payment to the health, auto, or home repair provider. Too often, reimbursements promises are never kept, leaving policyholders to pay the tab. Click here for more tips.”

Texas Watch http://www.fixtexasinsurance.org/resources/tips_general.htm

Learn More About Codes Covenants and Restrictions . . .

“Although most real estate agents make every effort to get the CC&Rs into the hands of a potential buyer as early as possible, the CC&Rs are a deed restriction that runs with the property, and the onus is on the title company to transfer the CC&Rs, along with title to the property, at close of escrow.”-- FULL STORY in The San Francisco Chronicles

Wise County Profile Compiled August 28, 2004

Texas Total County Property Tax Rates 1991 – 2003
(See Breakdown for each county)

Texas Association of Counties Texas Quick Reference Law Library

“This version of the Laws and Codes includes revisions to the Texas Statutes through the third called session of the 78th Texas Legislature, 2003. Changes enacted by the 78th Texas Legislature (2003) are not expected to be available to the public until June 2004, after which this site will be updated.”


Search Texas Property Code

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