Tuesday, December 14, 2004

El Lago Sign to Go

Construction workers on the new Grand Harbor at Lake Bridgeport development have told some residents that they will soon be taking down the El Lago sign and development map.

Flu Shots Available from Wise Regional Health System

“Wise Regional Health System will distribute flu vaccines . . .to those who meet the Center for Disease Control criteria.The shots will be given Wednesday and Thursday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Weatherford College. Shots will also be given at the Bridgeport Senior Citizens Center on Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Seniors should bring their Medicare card. All others will be charged $15 per dose.”


TXU Transmission Line Route - Property values – How far North of Lake Bridgeport?

“Should the state’s public utility commission approve TXU’s preferred route, it would destroy any signs of the Butterfield Stage Trail. . .TXU wants to construct a power line from Jack to Denton County. The preferred route would travel from Jack County and into Wise County north of Lake Bridgeport, continue northeast of Chico and then head south toward Bridgeport before turning eastward before it reached the city’s northern edge. The line would then travel southeast a few miles before heading east, taking it south of Decatur where it eventually would travel near an area proposed for a new industrial park before moving into Denton County. . . .

Margot Clarke, outreach coordinator for the Lone Star Chapter of The Sierra Club, said her understanding was that the power line construction on the preferred route would require a large clearing of land, which would effectively eliminate the wildlife’s habitat.”


Center of Metroplex Projection - Texas 114 and Interstate 35

“Denton County Commissioner Jim Carter, who represents the Justin area, said that Devon recognizes oil and gas exploration disrupts people’s lifestyle. “You’ve been very, very good for Denton County,” Carter told Foster. Carter also said, however, that projected population growth in the area around Texas 114 and Interstate 35 means the area will someday be the “center of the Metroplex.”“How can we make natural gas development compatible with residential and commercial development?” Carter asked.”


Your Texas Homestead Rights in Jeopardy

An opinion just issued by the Texas Attorney General and his staff

Question: Do one-party foreclosable contractual liens on the land by the developer that supersede the homestead rights created in Article XVI, Section 50 of the Texas Constitution violate[s] the Texas Homestead Act?

”A property owner may encumber real property with a covenant running with the land, which, depending on the particular instruments and circumstances involved, may be enforced by foreclosure without violating subsequent purchasers' constitutional and statutory homestead rights.”


What Does the Above Legalese Mean?

The Skinny . . .Don’t buy in an HOA or POA and don’t allow your existing subdivision to become swallowed up by an HOA or POA. Why? Because your homestead rights will be superseded by the one-party contractual lien placed by the developer or HOA that runs with the land. This is a lien that makes non-judicial foreclosure possible if you fail to pay even one HOA assessment fee.

QUESTION: Is there a way to get rid of a homeowners association in Texas?

Read letters from Texans who are desperately trying to get rid of their HOAs.

The Skinny . . .No there really isn’t a good or inexpensive way to get rid of an HOA or POA.


The Case Against State Protection of Homeowners Associations

Excerpt from the book . . .

“Over the past forty years there has been an ever-increasing dispersion of a new social order in America. Its roots are founded in the spread of planned communities and its model of community governance that is an undemocratic, police state insistence on conformity to rules set through the façade of democratic institutions, much like those we are familiar with in regard to those “Peoples Republics” throughout the world. Each day, more and more children are living under and learning about this form a private government that does not respect the beliefs, rights and freedoms underlying the US Constitution or US Bill of Rights.”

For more details go to http://pvtgov.org/pvtgov/HOA_protect.htm

Movement to Force Recorded Votes in Texas Legislature

Excerpt . . .

According to the AP articles, "Texas is one of 10 states that does not require a recorded, or roll-call, vote on final passage of every bill in either legislative chamber, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures and research by The Associated Press."

The Skinny . . .Without recorded votes how can anyone adequately track how their legislators voted, or if they actually support certain issues? Still, who’s behind the movement to push an amendment to the Texas Constitution? Not a friend of the homeowner. . .

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