Sunday, February 15, 2004

Water Board to Discuss Lake Levels

A planned meeting will be held Thursday 2/19/04 at Bridgeport City Hall, 900 Thompson Street (Turn off 380 at the Taco Mayo). Time is 6:30 PM. Three individuals from Tarrant County Water Board to discuss lake level (an engineer) and water quality (a biologist). Plus 2-3 from Texas Parks and Wildlife. First are presentations by each followed by questions and answers. The meeting was requested for the black bass fishery. Please make sure all are notified of this meeting. I expect it to appear in the WC Messenger soon. Any questions, call me at (940)594-7767. Check out the support website at fishbridgeport.com, that will be the home of the Lake Bridgeport Sportsman's Association. Sent in courtesy of Mike McGowan of Lake Bridgeport Sportsman's Association.

McGowan formed the Lake Bridgeport Sportsman's Association (LBSA) in January 2004 to be a leading citizen group advocating a reasoned approach to the management of the Lake Bridgeport Fishery – with emphasis on all black bass species. Fishbridgeport.com was started to create a fun and educational website to share fishing and boating related information as it relates to Lake Bridgeport and to provide a home for the Lake Bridgeport Sportsman's Association.

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