Tuesday, February 24, 2004

This is a report from our County Commissioner, Kevin Burns, on Monday's County Commissioner's meeting. The resolution to the Tarrant Regional Water District to relegate all authority for OSSF (On site sewer facility) to Wise County was tabled Monday and will be taken up next Monday. If the resolution passes it will require that all subdivision sites be 2 acres rather than 1 acre and that should cut down the number of residents that could build up here. They will have to wait on the TRWD’s decision. Tom Thornton agreed to limit his subdivision to 2 acres, which sets a good prescient for future development up here. No new news on Femrite’s sub development plans so the County Commissioners will just look at it as Femrite’s ranch and he can go ahead and do excavation work until such time as he presents his subdivision plans to the County Commissioners. According to Burns, the TRWD sees dredging as beneficial to this lake as it will increase our capacity. Burns will keep us informed of future developments.

FYI - 851 is Lake Bridgeport flood plain limit for building a permanent structure..

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