Saturday, April 24, 2004

It Finally Rained Here!!!

According to the news last evening Antelope got 5.5 inches of rain and possibly more by this morning. Here at the lake our rain gauge measured 2 inches. We took a drive this morning up to Marietta. The banks are full and there's plenty of mud and logs floating down to the lake. Now we can look forward to the muddy water season!

For pictures of the water coming down from the watershed at the Marietta Bridge and at Big Creek, click this link.

I have posted our previous photos of the dredging etc. on this same link.

A Little History

On Sunday February 1, 2004 the Wise County Messenger announced the news of the pending sale of approximately 600 acres of the 3,000-acre Sid Richardson Scout Ranch on Lake Bridgeport, Texas to a real estate developer named John Femrite from Dallas. Most nearby residents thought that the sale of the Sid Richardson Boy Scout Ranch land could never happen. Everyone had heard the stories that the Boy Scouts could “never sell the land” due to numerous pledges, covenants and/or deed restrictions. But the Longhorn Council of the Boy Scouts and the Sid Richardson Foundation began to answer residents (who bothered to inquire) with lock-step statements that such covenants/ and or deed restrictions and/or pledges had never existed. The facts, however, always seem to point right back to top BSA executives who appeared to have been actively promoting the story to residents for years. According to the Wise County Messenger (February 1, 2004) news article Mr. Ben Love, former Chief Executive of the BSA, told one resident “that the scout land was deeded with all kinds of pledges that it would never be sold.”

All Related Newspaper Stories and Links

Web Site Essay: The World’s Greatest Con Game, Boy Scouts for $ale, “The Boy Scouts of America Corporation has today become the charity equivalent of Enron – a financial house of cards”

March 11 2004 Montgomery County Official sheds light on NW Lake Bridgeport development, The Bridgeport INDEX, March 11 2004, by Dorothy Clark (Sorry newspaper is not online.)

March 11, 2004 Sale of scout land criticized, Wise County Messenger, March 11, 2004, By Barbara Sowell

March 7, 2004 Developer proceeds with luxury subdivision, Wise County Messenger, March 7, 2004, By Dawn Crafts

March 4, 2004 County wants subdivision rules enforced on lake, Wise County Messenger, March 4, 2004, By Skip Nichols

Mar. 02, 2004 UNEXPECTED DEVELOPMENT, Special to the Star-Telegram, Mar. 02, 2004, By Don Chance

March 1, 2004 Lake is great for drinking, but not great for fish, Wise County Messenger, March 1, 2004, By Brian Knox

Mar. 01, 2004 Early work at Scout ranch upsets some, Special to the Star-Telegram , Mon, Mar. 01, 2004, By Don Chance

Feb. 24, 2004 Neighbors upset at sale of Scout land, Special to the Star-Telegram, Feb. 24, 2004, By Don Chance

Feb. 22, 2004 Deal leaves neighbors on the outs with Scouts, Special to the Star-Telegram, Feb. 22, 2004, By Don Chance

February 1, 2004 Developer buying part of scout ranch, Wise County Messenger, February 1, 2004, By Dawn Crafts

Wise County Water Issues

Concerned Citizens of Wise County will have a public meeting this Thursday, April 15 at the Boyd Community Center in Boyd. They will have an information table at the meeting, so if you have some flyers or handouts for Sandflat, please bring them. More details about the meeting are on their web site.

Concerned Citizens of Wise County is an organization dedicated to the protection of our sources of water and the safety of our citizens through education and the active monitoring of Injection Disposal Well activity in Wise County Texas. Visit their Web site at http://www.concernedcitizensofwisecounty.com/

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