Monday, April 26, 2004

Star-Telegram Purges Archive Search on Sale of the Boy Scout Land

The S-T was supposed to have come out with another article in late March, however the S-T attorneys reviewed it and decided to shelve it. It would appear that the power of the press isn't so powerful when more powerful special interests apply the right kind of pressure. If you've tried the Star-Telegram links below you've probably discovered that the pages now can't be found. Well, you can't find them on a key word search any more - even if you already know the exact key words, or even the title of the article. The articles are still there but now they have been carefully hidden in a no man's land. They can be found, however, and I found them eventually.

Here's how to access the links to the Star-Telegram articles

Don’t try to access the links from this web page, as my server will pop up a notice that the link is inactive. First, copy and save the links below on a word document making your hyperlinks active. Make sure you are connected to the internet. Now go to your word document and click the hyperlink of the article you wish to see. A Star Telegram Registration Page will pop up. Register and/or sign in if already registered. Once you’ve signed in the page will automatically be redirected to the article you want.

If you'd like to test out the archives search here's the link to the main page of Fort Worth Star Telegram web page.

Now just don't lose these links listed below, or you will never find these articles again!

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