Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Taxes, Taxes, and more Taxes

Stunned by your latest property evaluation?

Read Hand details tax appraisal increases
Published Thursday, May 29, 2003

“ . . .In conclusion, Hand suggested that anyone who disagrees with their appraisal should call to explain to the appraiser what about their property makes it unique, such as needed repairs (not maintenance and upkeep) that would lower value. When a property owner goes into the office or to the review board, he should bring documentation and photos to support his argument.

“’Don’t just say ‘My taxes are too high’ because while we will agree with you that all of our taxes are too high, we can’t change the appraisals,”’ Hand said.”
For the full article go to The Wise County Messenger at http://www.wcmessenger.com/newsbin/news/viewnews.cgi?id=EpVuEFFZEyXNwUuGVf

All Newspaper Story Links To the Sale of the Sid Richardson Boy Scout Land

How to Access Star-Telegram Articles on this subject

Recently The Fort Worth Star Telegram, for reasons that seem very suspicious, removed all possible key word searches for any of the articles they have already published about this story. This action coincided with the Star-Telegram’s decision to quash two articles, which were supposed to have been published in the last two months. According to Don Chance (the reporter who wrote the articles) The Star-Telegram, on their attorney’s advice, quashed the first article at the last moment. According to a highly placed source with knowledge about the composition of the Longhorn Council, the Longhorn Council may have pressured the Star Telegram to stop publishing articles on this story. So if you are looking for any published article that has to do with the sale of the Sid Richardson Boy Scout Ranch land, you just can’t find it doing a key word search. So, copy these links into a word file and make the links active and keep the word document open on your desk. You might even want to make a copy of the articles for your own use – just for future reference.

Next sign up for use of the Star-Telegram Archives by going to https://registration.realcities.com/reg/login.do?url=http://www.dfw.com%2Fmld%2Fdfw%2Fnews%2Flocal%2F8355447.htm

Sign up and then sign in. Now click on any of the active links to the Star Telegram stories in your word file.

This is the only way you can retrieve these articles on line. If you lose the links you are out of luck.

March 11 2004 Montgomery County official sheds light on NW Lake Bridgeport development (The Bridgeport Index doesn’t have online access)

March 11, 2004 Sale of scout land criticized

March 7, 2004 Developer proceeds with luxury subdivision http://www.wcmessenger.com/newsbindata/news/news/Developerproceedswithluxur.shtml

March 4, 2004 County wants subdivision rules enforced on lake


March 1, 2004 Lake is great for drinking, but not great for fish

Mar. 01, 2004 Early work at Scout ranch upsets some

Feb. 24, 2004 Neighbors upset at sale of Scout land

Feb. 22, 2004 Deal leaves neighbors on the outs with Scouts

February 1, 2004 Developer buying part of scout ranch

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