Sunday, May 30, 2004

Wise County Water Issues

Concerned Citizens of Wise County
Concerned Citizens of Wise County is an organization dedicated to the protection of our sources of water and the safety of our citizens through education and the active monitoring of Injection Disposal Well activity in Wise County Texas. Visit their Web site at http://www.concernedcitizensofwisecounty.com/

Regional water plan moving forward “Wise County Judge Dick Chase, responding to a survey from the planning group, urged the group to watch carefully the rapid growth of Wise County as it assessed future needs. He also expressed concerns about proposals for salt water injection wells and the effect those plans could have on groundwater quality. . .” (Read the rest of the story at the Wise County Messenger)

Who Will Be Served?
The City of Runaway Bay opened its new $1.2+ million water plant on Thursday, April 29th. According to The City of Runaway Bay newsletter, the new facility is capable of producing 1-million gallons of water per day and will serve up to 1-thousand homes. We’ve also heard from a reliable source at West Wise Rural Water Supply Corp that Mr. Femrite has arranged to purchase water for his new development from Runaway Bay. The population of Runaway Bay is 1200. If the new water plant will eventually serve up to 1-thousand homes and the new development will eventually have 500+ homes . . .??? Well you do the math.
Viait http://www.runawaybaytexas.com/Newsletter/newsletter.html

Lake Bridgeport Levels:

Conservation Level is 836. Current level on Friday 5/28/04 was 822.82

Lake Bridgeport Elevation Level Range history for the last 5 years

2003 822-830
2002 827-831
2001 819-836*
2000` 816-822
1999 822-831

*The last time the lake was at 836 was from 3/29/01 until 5/15/01

Check Historical Data at TRWD

Grand Harbor at Lake Bridgeport. To read newspaper accounts of the planned new development go to the links on the April 24, 2004 posting.

For great links visit Lake Bridgeport http://www.lakebridgeport.com/

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