Friday, July 22, 2005

Massie Went Missing Tuesday July 19th

Just about everyone around El Lago and Cozy Cove knows Massie. Massie is a gentle, lovable Yellow Lab Mix. He's a neutered male who will be two in October.

Massie is just too friendly and still thinks he's a puppy that can just crawl into your lap - all 50+ pounds of him! Although he has never wandered off the cove, he makes his daily rounds visiting all of the neighbors - especially if they have a dog willing to play. His favorite activity is swimming in the cove.

We are concerned that Massie may have been stolen because other neighbors have lost Labs and other young dogs in the last year or so . . . Sadly, it appears to be true, that once a Gated Community comes in, crime increases in the surrounding neighborhoods.

If you saw Massie on Tuesday, or have seen him since, please call us at 940-644-2291. We need to know what has happened to him - no matter what. He was our grandsons' dog that we adopted when they moved into an apartment. I don't want to have to make that call.

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