Saturday, July 02, 2005

Montford's Firework Display

The latest word is that the display will be at sunset on Sunday, July 3, 2005.

Truth in Advertising

The Wise County Messenger's June 30, 2005, "Welcome to Wise" has numerous advertisements for real estate developments. So we thought we'd take a look.

Cherokee Hill on page 88 is very interesting and unique in what they actually disclose. . . . They admit right there in print that they do have a "Homeowners Association" and "Deed Restrictions Enforced by Architectural Control Committee"! Why is this unique? If you will notice, most ads for new developments usually fail to mention this important fact, yet most new developments do have Homeowners Associations and most, if not all, are controlled by the infamous Architectural Control Committee. Question? If HOA's are such a great advantage to homeowners, why do so many developers omit the information in their ads??? The answer can be found by going to the American Homeowner Resource Center.

Grand Harbor on Lake Bridgeport on page 99 has a little inset in the lower right corner with a map to the info center in Bridgeport. Below the inset is "All less than 60 minutes from Dalls and Fort Worth including DFW Airport". The word "All" leads you to believe that the actual development is less than 60minutes away . . . Well, you may be able to get to the Bridgeport info center from the far northern border of Tarrant/ Wise in 60 minutes - but if you plan on getting to remote Grand Harbor in that time, you must be flying in!!!

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