Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Wise Gas Pump Patrol (See today’s prices below)

Well – somebody had better do it!!! And we all need to do it!!! Although America really does have a gas emergency in the Gulf after hurricane Katrina, the national news is reporting that there has been wide-spread price-gouging in the last two days.

Monday, we sent out an Alert to our subscribers that Sam’s was telling their employees that they were going to raise gas prices by $1.00 (from $2.59.9 to 3.59.) in one day (see article below). I received a phone call from the Dallas Morning News immediately after posting this alert. Well, Sam’s didn’t raise their prices that high. But, what is interesting is the Wal-Mart/Sams/Murphy gas ploy that I observed while driving into the Metroplex yesterday morning.

At 10:10 AM yesterday, I stopped by Wal-Mart in Decatur to check the prices for regular unleaded. I was shocked to see that they had raised the price to $2.74.9! Just before leaving I had check the prices at the NBC 5 Pump Patrol Price Board and found that $2.59 was the high in the Metroplex!!!

Upon my return this afternoon, I decided to do a little sleuthing in Decatur, Bridgeport, and Chico. I didn’t check out all of the gas stations - but several. Interestingly, Wal-Mart was up to $2.84.9 at 3:45PM. (Remember that with a Wal-Mart card there’s 3 cents off that price, so it would go for $2.81.9.) But most of the other stations in Decatur on or near Hwy 287 were selling for $2.86.9. Don’t you find the Wal-Mart/Sams/Murphy game interesting? Pop the prices way up beyond the metroplex high, force surrounding stations to follow suit, then drop just a bit below the surrounding station prices???

I noticed that the gas prices dropped dramatically NW of Decatur on Hwy 287 just before the HWY 1810 turn off. But I found the best gas bargain in Bridgeport!!!

Look, we’ve received a number of forwarded e-mails about boycotts against certain oil companies. Basically, those boycotts just don’t work. At any rate, that particular e-mail boycott against EXXON and MOBIL has been circulating on the internet ever since 1999. Not only that, but whom among us really knows who the gouging culprits really are? These international oil dealings are just too complex.

What does work is not brand loyalty but buying where it’s cheapest. Word gets around. You will notice that across the nation many broadcast networks have Pump Patrols. They provide this service to us because it works - - and has even “fueled” some price wars. Unfortunately, even our own NBC 5, doesn’t have much participation from the hinterlands – from places like Wise County.

That’s where you can come in. You can help yourself and our county by telling us what you paid, when you bought your gas, and the station name and location. Whenever you fill up, just send us an e-mail and tell us the price for regular unleaded. We will post the information here.
Just send us an e-mail at lakebridgeportnews@yahoo.com

Here’s today’s list of unleaded regular prices taken today between 2-4PM. Lowest price is in red!!!

Fort Worth/Tarrant Co.
Shell I-30 and Eastchase $2.81.9
Sams and Wal-Mart I-30 and Eastchase $2.81.9
Shell Hwy 287 and Avondale Hazlett Rd $2.79.9

Wise County

Shell Hwys 287 and 730 $2.86.9
Phillips 66 Hwy 51 $2.86.9
Exxon Hwys 51 & 287 $2.86.9
Wal-Mart $2.84.9
Chevron Hwy 287 (before Hwy 1810) $2.79.9
Shell Hwy 287 (before Hwy 1810) $2.79.9

Diamond Shamrock Hwys 380 & 101 $2.63.9 (940-683-2422)
Fina Hwys 380 & 101 $2.82

Allsups Fina $2.89.9
Phillips 66 Chico Mart $2.86.9

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