Friday, September 02, 2005

Our Subscriber’s Pump Reports
(Prices taken 9/2/05 between 6:00-7:00 PM)

A Big Big thanks to one of our Lake Bridgeport News subscribers who bothered to take down these Metroplex prices this evening on the way to work!!!

These prices are all for unleaded regular (87)

3.199 Racetrac Rufe Snow.& Trinidad
2.999 Texaco at Chapman & Rufe Snow
2.999 Conoco at Rufe Snow & Lewis Dr.
3.059 and 3.099 (two signs) at Chevron at Rufe Snow & NW Loop 820
3.079 Shell at Pipeline & 121
3.099 Fina at 121 & Norwood
3.059 Texaco at 121 & Central Dr.(price fixing?)
3.059 Chevron at 121 & Central (price fixing?)
2.989 Chevron at 121 & Murphy
3.099 Fina at 121 & Harwood
3.059 Chevron at 121 (Just before Glade Rd.)
2.999 7/11 at 121 and Glade
3.099 Shell at 121 & Glade
3.099 Exxon at W.D. Tate & Mustang
3.099 Texaco at W.D. Tate & 114
3.059 Shell at W.D. Tate & Ball

NBC 5 Gas Calculator

According to the NBC 5 Gas Calculator, the average 160 mile trip uses about 19 gallons in a van/minivan. At $3.00 a gallon that’s $57.00 round trip. If you drive a van/minivan, that’s your minimum trip to the Metroplex and back, folks!!!

Your Gas Costs/Today’s AAA Survey

Even at just $3 a gallon, it costs $67.50 to fill the 22.5-gallon tank of a Ford Explorer, the nation's most popular SUV. Refilling the 18.5-gallon tank of a Toyota Camry, the bestselling car, means a $55.50 bill.

Experts also say that high retail prices will attract more gasoline from abroad. But they concede that the adequacy of supplies will depend greatly on whether consumers hoard gasoline by topping off tanks frequently. "If they just do their normal things there won't be any problems," said Mark Routt, an analyst for Energy Security Analysis Inc., a petroleum consulting company in Wakefield, Mass.

The latest AAA survey, reflecting prices Wednesday, showed averages for regular unleaded still below $3 a gallon on Long Island and in the city but events seemed to have outpaced it and prices over $3 a gallon for regular were the norm. The Web site gaspricewatch.com, which collects information informally from motorists, showed prices late yesterday afternoon for a 20-mile region around Melville ranging from $2.81 a gallon to $3.53 a gallon for regular. Another similar Web site, newyorkgasprices.com, showed prices in the region as high as $3.69 for regular unleaded -- that at a Shell station in the Bronx.

Our Commissioners Get Hefty Pay Raise
— Wise County commissioners unanimously approved salaries for elected officials during a one-hour meeting yesterday morning. Excluding judicial office holders, commissioners will become the highest paid officials in the county with a salary of $53,048 plus a $12,000 a year vehicle allowance. . . .

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