Monday, September 26, 2005

Wise County Texas Real Estate

Why Don’t Realtors and Developers talk about POAs and HOAs???

Short Answer: It’s not profitable to point out problems!!!

Read the following excerpt from Community Associations Network

“People who buy a home in an HOA really think they are simply moving into a neighborhood that happens to have a group of people who try and get other people to attend social functions. They really think that their home is their castle and immediately get their back's up if someone has the gall to challenge them on something they've done or haven't done. Look at the American flag cases that have hit the news in recent years. Almost all of them were in HOA's. "How dare you tell me what I can or can't do in my front yard!" It rarely has anything to do with patriotism, but is more a reaction to this "entity" that thinks they can stop me from doing something that I want to do. Patriotism is what pop's up when the media gets involved. . .

I really believe that most of the litigation that will occur between owners and boards in the upcoming years, will be largely in the HOA arena. Until all of the states require some sort of forced recognition on the part of a home buyer, that they are purchasing a home in an association that has rules, governance of HOA's will swing violently between full enforcement and no enforcement, depending on the who is sitting on the board. Condo's seem to have leveled that swing off by forcing board's to be active on a continual basis, even if only for maintenance items.

As usual, the developers and real estate agents play a major role in all of this by playing down the "assocation" role in their developments. The only time it gets mentioned is if there are some amenities involved that can be seen as an attraction. At closing, the association documents are quickly shuffled off to the side to make sure they don't interfere with the transfer of ownership.”

Source: “The Difference Between Condos and HOA's,” from Community Associations Network at http://www.communityassociations.net/weblog/archives/2005/08/the_difference.html

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From Today's Wise County Messenger Update

BE READY – The Texas Department of Transportation will switch traffic on U.S. 380 between Decatur and Bridgeport tomorrow. The switch will be from west of County Road 1110 to Rose Avenue in Decatur. Crews will switch traffic from the south side of the roadway to the northside starting at 9 a.m. The entire $31.4 million project to make U.S. 380 a four-lane divided highway between Wise County’s two largest cities is expected to be completed a year in the fall of 2006.”

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