Saturday, October 29, 2005

Decatur City Council Tries to Force Residents to form HOA

Why this action concerns all Wise County Residents. . .

Apparently the developer of Rodden Estates failed to create an HOA as promised to the city. Landscaping of the median that Rodden put in has not been properly maintained. Several residents don’t want an HOA but they want city services. And several residents blame the city for not forcing Rodden to go ahead with the HOA plans.

According to the WCM, “The city offered two possible solutions to the problem: ask residents to form an HOA and take over the maintenance of the fountain and landscaping and irrigation of the median, or the city would remove the fountain and replace it with asphalt.”

“Several residents met and discussed the options, which they rejected. The city responded with two supplemental options: complete any necessary repairs to the entryway and pay any necessary legal fees associated with establishing an HOA. Once established, the HOA would take over maintenance of the area. . .”

“But the city staff and residents could not reach a compromise. Among other issues, the city did not want to set precedent in which it would assume maintenance responsibilities for other developments.”

LBSN Note: Decatur and Wise County have already set a president by encouraging developers to create POAs/HOAs. Throughout the country local governments, with little foresight, saw HOA creation as a boon because they could still collect taxes while providing far fewer services. The down side is that HOA residents eventually balk at this form of “double taxation” because they are not only paying taxes but are also paying hefty private assessments. HOA voting blocks have the power to force cities to their will eventually leaving local governments with far less resources. A new trend is emerging across the country as more and more local governments have begun to reevaluate the wisdom of providing incentives to developers to create POAs/HOAs.

See Entire article at WCM: http://www.wcmessenger.com/newsbindata/news/news/CityRoddenEstatesresidents.shtml

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