Thursday, November 03, 2005

Dangerous Traffic Situation!!!
Been Run Off the Road Yet???

You’ve probably noticed all the nice “polite” gravel trucks and other large equipment beating our roads into a series of pot holes this past week. They are hurriedly on their way in and out of North Star Pointe development. I’ll be taking pot hole progress photos to post on this web site.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being run off the road by a giant 18-wheeler which came flying around a blind corner on my side of the road at over 50 mph. I tried to turn around and follow the truck, but he was going so fast that he was long gone before I could make the turn. That’s when I decided it was time to visit the folks at North Star Pointe to see what they could do to help this us with this dangerous traffic situation.

As I topped the hill on Cozy Cove, I saw another big truck barreling out of the entrance to North Star Pointe. I decided to just stop and let the truck go by rather than meet him at the blind curve just before the gate.

On my way to the office, I stopped to talk to two surveyors who were doing work for NSP. I mentioned my traffic concerns and they told me that a little earlier they were almost run off the road by a truck. They had just told the folks at NSP about their experience. Given the fact that the surveyors and the wild truck drivers were the only other people I saw on the road since leaving Hwy 1810, that means that 100% of us were involved in playing this form of Russian Roulette. So folks – your odds of escaping a serious accident aren’t very good!

NSP told me that they had directed the trucks to enter and leave by the Judd’s gate, but that some truckers were still using the main gate. That wouldn’t have helped me any way. I met the 18-wheeler near the Y at the intersection of 1744 and 1736. NSP said that they didn’t have any control over the truckers since the truckers are independent contractors. I suggested that since they are giving these gravel companies a great deal of business, they certainly should speak to the truckers about SLOWING DOWN!!!

All I can do right now is beg you all to drive very, very defensively. Please be aware that some idiot trucker, on a very tight schedule, is driving like a maniac in your lane right around the next curve.

If you want to voice your concerns to North Star Pointe, you can contact their Project Manager, Mr. Oscar Rohne, of Southern Lakes & Leisure, at 817-563-2265. I’ll be calling him today too.

If the pot holes, the blind curves, the overgrowth of vegetation, and the general road deterioration is getting you down, try contacting our County Commissioner, Kevin Burns.

Commissioner, Precinct #2, Kevin D. Burns, P.O. Box 899, Decatur, Texas 76234. Or call 940-427-4881, Home (940) 627-7519, 940-427-2210 (Fax), e-mail comm2@co.wise.tx.us

North Star Pointe Plans Big Sales Event

North Star Pointe development will have a big sales event the weekend before Thanksgiving (Nov. 18-20). According to NSP, quite a few folks will be coming in from the Metroplex. There will be a staging area in El Lago. Expect a great deal of traffic. So be very careful on all of our roads!!!

Early Voting Ends Friday at 5 p.m.

To vote early go to the Records Building, 201 N. Market St., in Decatur.

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