Monday, November 21, 2005

Lake Bridgeport Texas FAQs:

Lake Bridgeport is suffering yet another drought year. The normal lake level when full is 836 feet. Today, we are currently almost 10 feet down at 826.25 feet. (See links: Lake Levels). Many “floating” docks are now beginning to rest on dry land. Those of us who have lived on this lake for at least 20 years or more know that DOWN is the norm around here. The average variance (how much the lake drops) is 12 feet annually. That’s pretty much par for the course three years out of every four. Often the lake drops far more than that. If the lake does happen to reach full capacity at 836 feet, it will only be a matter of days before that water is let out of the dam and sent downstream to Eagle Mountain Lake.

What about the reported distance of Lake Bridgeport to the DFW Metroplex? According to government records, the distance to Fort Worth is 45 miles, to Dallas is 70 miles, and to DFW Airport is 50 miles. But those distances are “as the crow flies” measurements taken from the point of the lake nearest to the destinations.

If you live on the NW side of Lake Bridgeport it will take a lot longer to reach the D/FW metroplex. On a good traffic day and exceeding the speed limit by at least 5 mph, you can reach the northern boundary of Tarrant County in an hour, or you can get to Dallas in another 20 minutes, or you can get to DFW airport in about 1.5 hours. I make a weekly trip to Arlington and have never been able to reach Arlington in less than 1 hour and 20 minutes. As yearly traffic congestion continues to mount on I-35 and Loop 820 in Fort Worth, we can count on even longer commute times.

See links for additional Lake Bridgeport and Wise County information.

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