Friday, February 11, 2005

Where Have I Been? – I’ve Gone To The Dogs . . .

Many apologies for my laxity in keeping up this web page . . . My writing efforts have gone to two primary causes during the past two months. (1) Animals - specifically, my Mom’s dog, Lucky, who needs to find an adoptive home fast. (2) The American Homeowners Resource Center, where you can find some of my articles dealing with proposed Community Interest Development legislation (HOAs ,POAs, and all Community Interest Developments) in the current Texas Legislature. See the permanent link to AHRC on the left in the Links area.

Helping Homeless Animals

In my daily efforts to secure an adoptive home for my Mom’s companion dog, Lucky, I’ve contacted hundreds of shelters and rescue groups. This has been a frustrating yet heartwarming experience. I’ve received numerous responses and calls from many warm and selfless people. They have offered advice, additional resources, and have even cross-listed Lucky’ story on their own web pages. Read Lucky’s story at http://adoptlucky.blogspot.com/

One of the best, and most helpful, resources I’ve discovered is Best Friends Animal Society. They were kind enough to send out an e-mail alert about Lucky to all of their regional members. They have also put out a very informative guide, How to Find Homes For Homeless Pets. This is a pdf file so it takes a little time to open. You will find great info in this guide and even a sample adoption form. Go to http://www.bestfriends.org/nomorehomelesspets/pdf/howtofindhomesforpets.pdf

You can join the Best Friends Network and learn how to help homeless animals locally.

No, Lucky hasn’t been adopted yet. One woman wanted to adopt him. She had a nice back yard, but her landlord said “No Dogs.” If you’d like to help Lucky find a home, just forward a link to his web page when you are sending out your e-mails. Go to http://adoptlucky.blogspot.com/

Media Catching On About Out of Control HOAs and POAs

Over the past few months more and more national and local news sources have begun to look into the issue of oppressive HOAs and POAs.

This is the latest from WFAA’s Gary Reaves. Here’s an excerpt from his article, “Homeowners fight HOA foreclosures

“Every year, thousands of Texans buy homes in neighborhoods where they are required to join a homeowners’ association.

What many don’t know is some of those associations are so powerful, they can seize a home without so much as a single hearing in court. . .”

“Attorney Ben Chapelle is selling a house that’s being seized and sold by the homeowners’ association of a development called The Country Place, because the home’s owner owes $3,000 in dues and late fees.

Just like that, a $140,000 home sold for $10,000. The owner didn’t even know until News 8 told him. . .”

“He also didn’t understand that documents thousands of Texans sign at closing allow homeowners’ associations to take the house for unpaid dues. . .”

“Somebody told me the other day that homeowners’ associations have more power than God,” Bob said. “I believe them now.” . . . (Emphasis added)

This article can be read in its entirety at http://www.wfaa.com/sharedcontent/dws/wfaa/latestnews/stories/wfaa050208_am_foreclosure.8bf26f4b.html

Note: POAs operate in much the same way as HOAs and can also foreclose without due process! It’s called Non-judicial foreclosure.

Texas Senator Introduces Bill To Outlaw Foreclosures in Certain Circumstances.

Read about this proposed legislation at

Not Concerned About Texas’ HOAs/POAs?

Ok, so most of us here in Sandflat don’t live in HOA developments. We can thank our lucky stars for that. As a matter of fact, I recently read an article that predicts that non-HOA housing will be in greater demand as more and more Americans realize the loss of property rights involved in living in HOAs or POAs.

Many of us have adult children who are now in the housing market. We can make the effort to help our own children learn about the pitfalls of Community Interest Development living.

Go to this article "Contact Your Texas Legislators Now" At the end are links to help you find your legislators. http://www.ahrc.com/new/index.php/src/news/sub/article/action/ShowMedia/id/1917

Signs of the Times

The big red Grand Harbor signs have given me at least one advantage. I no longer have to go into long detained explanations listing every twist, turn, and county road when giving directions. I can say, “Just follow the big red signs.”

On my way out Wednesday morning, I encountered a long line of massive trucks on their way into Grand Harbor. Some of them were nice enough to keep to their side of the road.

Please remember to drive slowly and stay to your side of the road. You just never know what lies ahead on the many blind turns here.

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