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Se Habla Espanol? -KBOC Sold

KBOC was sold to Z-Spanish that will maintain the 98.3 mHz frequency. A new 2,00 foot tower will host the station’s antennae and other FM stations on these frequencies: 93.7, 96.7, 101.7, and 106.7

For the rest of the story you’ll have to pick up a copy of The Bridgeport Index Thursday, March 3, 2005.

Rumor Has It That . . .

Our County Commissioners are now on a 4 day work week. Could that be true?

Fish Safe

Before you bait up check out The Texas Department of Health Services Aquatic Life Map athttp://www.tdh.state.tx.us/bfds/ssd/map/default.htm

The Skinny: Lake Bridgeport looks fine so far. But here are plenty of advisories in Tarrant County. All of Lake Worth is under and advisory for PCBs. No fish is to be consumed. The Trinity River from downtown Fort Worth downstream to Kaufman and Ellis counties are Prohibited. That means PCB, Chlordane, and DDE contamination. Persons are prohibited from processing any fish from this area.

Land and Homeownership News. . .

Before Purchasing A Home

Over 90% of new homes built in the last ten years have been in Property Owner Association or Home Owner Association developments. POAs and HOAs have the built in lien capability to foreclose on your home without even having to go to court. It’s called non-judicial foreclosure.

According to the Texas Property Code

“You are obligated to pay assessments to the property owners' association. The amount of the assessments is subject to change. Your failure to pay the assessments could result in a lien on and the foreclosure of your property.”

"All sellers are required to disclose Homeowners' Association fees or assessments."

So, demand to see a copy of the Codes, Covenants and Restrictions (CC&Rs) before purchasing. (Some Texas POA CC&R’s can run on for over 100 pages.) Never-the less, read them very, very carefully. They will be your homeownership Bible. Copies of the restrictive covenants and dedicatory instrument may also be obtained from the county clerk.

Texas Property Code

Foreclosure Warnings from the Texas Attorney General

Foreclosure lists are easily accessible to unscrupulous people making claims to "save your home." Then desperate homeowners unwittingly sign over their deeds to these folks.

If you are facing a foreclosure, the attorney general recommends contacting a housing counseling agency approved by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development. Call (800) 569-4287, or visit


Septic Permit Woes

“What if you bought land in Wise County, built a house and then found out you couldn’t get a septic tank permit?”

The Skinny: Don’t buy a parcel of land and then build a house without first finding out if the seller has platted it according to state and county’s rules.

Full Article link:

Outdoor Controlled Burning Rules

Excerpt from Wise County Messenger article “Restrictions limit controlled fires to daytime” Published Sunday, February 27, 2005

"You can’t burn until one hour after sunup and you can have no active flame one hour before sundown”
. . . it is OK for a fire to be smoldering after sunset, as long as someone is present.”

It is still legal to burn off fields, although certain guidelines must be followed. Among the general rules for outdoor burning are the following:

-begin or continue burning only in conditions that will not present a hazard to any public road, landing strip or navigable water or have an adverse effect on any home or business;

- keep fires downwind of or at least 300 feet away from any neighboring structures;- always have someone present when burning and;

- don’t burn any electrical insulation, treated lumber, plastics, potentially explosive materials, chemical wastes or items that contain natural or synthetic rubber

-if you do plan on doing a controlled burn, call the sheriff’s office, (940) 627-5971, to let them know before you start the fire."

"Other rules on outdoor burning can be found on the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Web site, http://www.tceq.org/, on the Internet. You can also reach Cunningham on his cell phone, (940) 393-9807.”

Full Article Link:

More Local Info . . .

Longhorn Council Still Advertising “Our” 19 Miles of Shoreline

“BSA High Adventure at its finest! Chisholm Trail is Texas High Adventure - a unique and unforgettable high adventure for older youth and adults. It's a backpacking program with boats instead of boots. You get a pontoon boat for a week to travel to the high adventure outposts and watersports bases on our 19 miles of Lake Bridgeport shoreline!”

The Skinny: When the BSA sells off about 8.5 miles of shoreline because it’s too remote and “underused”, is it still high adventure?

Runaway Bay Community Bulletin Board and Chat is back online.

This is a great place to learn the skinny on Runaway Bay politics. Thanks, Mary Ann, for getting back online with this vital source for community feedback! It’s much more eye-friendly than the new blackened background of the NTWS Message board.

Devon to Build New Local Office

“Devon Energy is reportedly still in the market for a site for its recently announced office complex to be built in Bridgeport.

The Skinny: It will be easier to get some answers concerning oil/gas wells if they have an office in Bridgeport.

Full Article link:

Grand Harbor Water

Runaway council approved this in February

“- approved a contract amendment with Tarrant Regional Water District to increase the lake volume and buy-in premium of $139,410 to be paid by Grand Harbor, the development on former Boy Scout property.”

The Skinny: How much will the POA water assessments cost GH homeowners?

Full Article Link

Interesting Local or Nearby Web Sites

Weird Wise County History

Aurora Texas UFO Crash of 1897

Lake Bridgeport Fossils

Granbury Lake Cam

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