Monday, May 02, 2005

Texas HOAs may soon have power to issue speeding tickets, sue and foreclose

Passage of HB 1770 will mean millions of dollars for Texas HOA lawyers and managers

On April 5, 2005. Texas House Representative Linda Harper Brown introduced a bill - HB 1770 , which if enacted, will mean millions of dollars for homeowner association foreclosure lawyers and other vendors.The bill gives Texas homeowner associations the power to issue speeding tickets , sue, foreclose on homes and ban homeowners from using the common areas..The bill is currently in the Texas House Business & Industry CommitteeTicketing for traffic rules brings in millions of dollars of steady revenue for local and state governments. The Newspaper.com , a website that tracks the politics and economics of driving, red lights and speed camera enforcement. reports that Washington, D.C. cameras have issued over 1.7 million tickets creating $105 million in revenue since 1999..
Texas Bill HB 1770 - A Bill To Fine , Sue, Foreclose and Ban Homeowners in Homeowner Associations for Speeding79R2822 KCR-DBy: Representative Linda Harper-Brown

To read the rest of this story and the bill go to http://texas.ahrc.com/

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