Thursday, September 01, 2005

From Today’s NBC5 Pump Patrol Reports

7:00 PM – It was reported that the Shell at Holiday Lane/Mid-Cities Blvd. in North Richland Hills was selling at $5.22! (Definitely gouging!!!)

“Murphy USA on 66 in Rowlett is $2.94 . . .”

“Blum, Texas off hwy 174, Shamrock, $2.89 for unleaded. . . “

“EXXON-MOBIL on Collins & I-20 was over $3.00 dollars yesterday afternoon . . .”

“DON'T HESITATE TO CONTACT THE TEXAS ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE IF YOU SEE A STATION THAT IS TRYING TO GOUGE PEOPLE. (an e-mailed pic of the price would really help.) I used this strategy after 9-11 on a local station and they stopped selling gas for about 5 months afterward.”

The average reported for Metroplex appears to be holding from yesterday around $2.89.9

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$6 Gasoline? No joke!
See Subscriber's Pump Reports (below) - prices already at $5.00 today!!!

“``If we don't get electricity back and don't get the pipelines back and don't get the refineries back for maybe a month, it could go up to $6'' a gallon, said Roger Anderson, senior energy scholar at Columbia University in New York. . .”

Gas Prices This Morning . . .

Subscriber’s Pump Reports 6:27 AM

6:27 AM, Fort Worth –“ I checked the price of gas at Racetrack, 1005 N. Beach, this morning- $2.99 (unleaded regular) and $3.09 (unleaded plus) per gallon. WOW!!”
Fort Worth subscriber

9:00AM, Atlanta - "Price gouging. Atlanta. Up to 5$ a gallon. Sony Predue declares state of emergency due to excessive gouging. South Florida: 2.79 - 3.09$ a gallon. (Non gouging) Orlando Florida: 2.89 - 3.09 Gallon (non gouging) Florida has HEAVY laws restricing this kind of activity. And notice theyare not having the same issues." Atlanta subscriber

Gas Price Briefs in the News

“Gas prices were up everywhere in Texas Wednesday. Fort Worth was hit the hardest, with a gallon of regular unleaded selling for as much as $3.19. Dallas hit a close second at $3.09 a gallon; El Paso and Houston were each selling for $2.99. San Antonio logged in at $2.90 a gallon and Austin was in first place at $2.81. . . . if anyone can prove a retailer is raising prices artificially -- because others are charging more -- they are urged to call the Attorney General's office at 800-252-8011 to file complaint.”

“WASHINGTON, Sept 1 (Reuters) - U.S. President George W. Bush warned against price-gouging of gasoline on Thursday in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and said looters should be treated with zero tolerance. . .”

Report Price Gouging – That is if you can figure out what the gouging is when gas prices are rising hourly!!!

Attorney General's offices for both Texas and Arkansas say they will listen to any concerns about price gouging in the wake of the Hurricane Katrina.

Save your gas receipts!!! Then contact the Texas AG office by calling 1-800-252-8011, or 1-800-482-8982. You can also file an online report with the Texas AG office at:

Get Involved
Send us your pump reports with time you purchased the gas (also need prices for unleaded regular, 87), date, gas station name, and address or exact location to lakebridgeportnews@yahoo.com.

Folks This is a crisis!!!

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