Monday, October 24, 2005

The Wise County ban on outside burning remains in effect.

EARLY VOTING — Early voting begins on nine constitutional amendments today from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the basement of the Records Building, 201 N. Market St., in Decatur. Voting continues each weekday for the next two weeks.”

See List of Proposed constitutional amendments

More Gated Community Woes
Excerpt from: Do homeowners’ associations lower property values?: Accountability
and Private Governments

What are RCA’s?

“RCSs are private organizations that display many characteristics
of typical local governments. They supply services that are
often provided by municipalities, including maintenance of
common areas, roads, utility systems (water and sewer), lighting,
refuse removal, and communication systems. They “tax”
their residents for services through regular and special assessments,
and each association holds periodic elections to choose
representatives who, as a board, will make decisions on behalf
of their neighborhood. Current estimates are that there are
more than 250,000 rcas in the United States and that one out
of every six Americans now lives in some form of homeowners’
association.” . . .

“In our sample of rcas, higher fees lead to a lower sales value of the
average unit . . .

Source: Do homeowners’ associations lower property values?: Accountability
and PrivateGovernments
American University

IESI Complaints?
Have you experienced the increase in service rates along with less courteous service? Holes in trash containers? Containers left in the middle of the road? Containers left overturned?

We have no other competitors to turn to for trash collection. So voice your complaints.

Complaints Call: 800-909-9061 or e-mail info@iesi.com

The IESI district manager is Bob Kneis

Web Page

Lake Bridgeport News Discussion Group

As promised last month, I finally got around to setting up our discussion group on Yahoo last week. You can set up your own Yahoo identity and join the group. You can talk about your concerns freely because I won’t even know who you are.

You can add pictures and links to your favorite sites. You can promote your community service news here and advertise your garage sales or items (but no personals, job postings, or get rich quick scams). All postings are moderated to insure that these simple rules are not violated. Profanity will not be tolerated.

Discussion Subscribe: lakebridgeportnews-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Or visit the Lake Bridgeport News Discussion web page at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lakebridgeportnews/

Updated Buy, Sell, Trade Links for Wise County, the Metroplex, and beyond . . .(Note: If you have a favorite local free classifieds link let us know. I've discovered that they actually work for you. Best of all - they are free!!!)


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