Monday, January 23, 2006

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Chris Bell Speaks Out
Against the Trans Texas Corridor

“As a former Agriculture Commissioner and a rancher himself, you'd think that Rick Perry could be counted on to protect the interests of rural Texas. But when the big-money lobbyists and corporate insiders asked Perry to line up against ranchers and farmers in support of the biggest land-grab in recent history, Perry didn't hesitate.

Perry's Trans-Texas Corridor would force farmers and ranchers to give up huge chunks of land to the state to support a toll road system that has been a case study in cronyism, insider dealings, and conflicts of interest. It's no surprise that the Texas Farm Bureau has voiced loud opposition to Perry’s plan, but they are hardly alone. Citizen groups are springing up all around the state to stop Rick Perry, helping to give a voice to the New Mainstream Texans who don't want to give up their farms or ranches to support a multi-billion dollar Austin boondoggle. . .”

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