Saturday, January 07, 2006

What Can I Do to Stop the Trans Texas Corridor???

If you oppose TXDOT’s “plans to privatize our limited public infrastructure handing our highways over to foreign corporations for 50 year monopolies using secret contracts that violate Open Government, create unbridled and excessive taxation due to administration costs and built-in profit, and overall work against the public good”. . . . Sign the petition at

Contact all of your elected officials, including those who are running for office in 2006, and tell them that you don’t support the TTC. Urge the repeal of legislation authorizing the Trans-Texas Corridor (HB 3588, 2003). In addition, urge the removal of all authorization and powers granted the Texas Transportation Commission and the Texas Department of Transportation for the construction and operation of the Trans-Texas Corridor.

Be sure to contact your local elected officials – especially your road commissioners and your county judge.

To find your elected officials go to Who Represents Me?

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