Saturday, March 04, 2006

North Side Marina Store Burns

Location: Near North Star Pointe. Apparently the store burned on Wednesday afternoon due to a welding accident. Questions surround the incident due to the Burn Ban and welding restrictions in Wise County. According to the chatter on Wise County Online forum, one poster who spoke with witnesses said, “I asked about the response time of the VFD...what with the excitement of the fire and trying to deal with it...the neighbor that I talked with said...he thought that they didn't take too long...maybe 45 minutes to an hour.”

For more details on the fire go to Wise County Online at http://www.advancedbroadband.net/forum/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=426

Here are the Wise Dounty Welding Restrictions:

- a 50-foot radius clear of any combustible material for outdoor welding;
- if a covered enclosure is constructed around a welding job, a 25-foot radius clear of any combustible material is required;
- For any work performed above 20 feet, the radius will increase two feet for every elevated foot;- maximum wind speeds must be under 15 miles per hour;
- relative humidity must be above 30 percent;
- two fire guards must watch the welding and have appropriate fire extinguishing equipment;
- the company or person welding must have $300,000-worth of liability insurance; and
- welders must report with the sheriff’s office before beginning work.

Source: Wise County Messenger, “Fighting the Fires”, published 1/5/06 at http://www.wcmessenger.com/newsbindata/news/news/FightingtheFires.shtml

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