Monday, March 06, 2006

Vote in the Primaries Tomorrow, Tuesday March 7, 2006

A Message from Vic Czerniak...Democratic Candidate for Precinct 2

As I stated last year my basic issues are:
1. Establish a salary review board to stop all of the unnecessary salary increases and "auto allowances".
2. Establish a unity system to help the county get our roads and bridges fixed.
3. Long Range Planning Committee to get REAL serious about alternate water sources.
4. Get the oil and gas industries to start working WITH us instead of us working FOR them
5. Work to have the TRRC to review, delete and/or update rules, regulations and laws governing toxic waste disposal.
6. Do everything possible in my power to fight the Trans Texas Corridor.
7. Try and stimulate county growth....THE RIGHT WAY
8. Help to establish an IMPARTIAL Tax Appraisal Board
9. Controlling the budget. Reducing county offices unbelievable waste.
10. Adjusting the budget to give the EMS, VFD's and the Sheriff's Dept. real operating funds and equipment.

Some of these issues are issues I can and will work to implement for the good of the county. Some of these issues are going to take continued efforts from ALL of WiseCo, i.e. oil/gas issues, pressure on the TRRC, etc. One voice cannot change these. BUT, we can be the focal point if need be. I will be the spoksperson when and as needed for these issues.

Everybody that knows me knows I am accessable. I won't duck and dodge an issue. If you ask me a question, expect an answer. You may not like the answer, but I'd rather hurt your feeling telling you the truth than to hurt a friendship by lying to you. Anyone and everyone that knows me knows I won't say anything behind your back that I wouldn't say to your face.

Citizen involvement is a major asset to any issue. . .
Everyone knows that once we put the spur to some of these issues, we are going to be in for a couple of rough rides. There is no other way to accomplish some of these issues unless we "buck the system" to get it done. Win or lose, this has been an experience ...to say the least..and I do appreciate the support most of you have given me. No matter who your friends are, tomorrow is election day. When you vote, and I hope every single person who has raised an issue on these boards votes, ...vote for the issues and the candidate....not the candidate and his issues. Vote for what will help WiseCo first, issues and the candidate second and friendship last. Today is the 170th anniversary of the fall of the Alamo. Give 10 seconds of your time to remember what they bought for us.

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