Monday, April 03, 2006

Trans Texas Corridor

Is The Fort Worth Star-Telegram Shying from the Truth about the Trans Texas Corridor?

Tarrant County Drivers are being warned that five major road work projects will keep Tarrant County traffic snarled for years though 2012!!!

According to yesterday’s Fort Worth Star Telegram . . .
“The short-term headaches of road work are necessary to prepare the regional road system for an influx of new residents over the next two decades, leaders say. North Texas’ population, about 5 million today, is expected to swell to 9 million by 2025.”

Of course, when it comes to road construction most people understand that if you build it – THEY WILL COME!!! Make no mistake about it. Some business interests in Fort Worth are praying that the population figures will swell. That’s what they are counting on with the TTC.

Oddly enough, the article appears to be trying to convince uniformed readers that the Trans Texas Corridor is just another Texas road project from the Metroplex to San Antonio.

"Builders are accustomed to boom years in Texas, and they go where the jobs take them.

That includes the planned construction of the Trans-Texas Corridor toll road from the Metroplex to San Antonio. An environmental study is ongoing for the privately funded project, which is expected to cost about $6 billion. Work is tentatively scheduled from 2007 to 2015. "

Who are they really trying to kid??? The TTC is the planned NAFTA route which will link the entire Americans into one seamless, and borderless, trade route!!!

Perhaps recent concerns about foreign companies controlling our ports and infrastructure, concerns about our too porous borders, and the massive influx of illegal immigrants is making the Star-Telegram just a little too shy about explaining the realities of the Trans Texas Corridor???

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