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Bud Kennedy’s Race-baiting Agenda?
Wise County Under Attack - Again

In case you haven’t read Bud Kennedy’s latest assault on the Wise County Republicans, “Wise County GOP likes letter-perfect candidates”, published in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on Friday, October 13th, let me point out to Bud and to the rest of our readers that there’s far, far more to this little story!!! So stick with me as this story unfolds . . .

According to Kennedy,
. . .“The local party Web site lists not only the candidates on the Nov. 7 ballot but also their race.
Every Republican candidate in Wise County is listed carefully as “Ethnicity: AE.”
A code at the bottom explains that “AE” stands for “American European.” . . .

Source: http://www.dfw.com/mld/dfw/15755574.htm

According to the county 2000 census, Wise County is 91.01% White, and there are no other local Republican candidates but Anglos. Still, there is no excuse for including the race or ethnicity of a candidate on a party web site. So why did the Republican Party Chair, D.A. Sharpe, include race and ethnicity?

Unlike Bud Kennedy, who was probably afraid to thoroughly vet his story, I decided to ask the Democratic Party Chair, Brenda Rankin, her take on this puzzling question.

Today Mrs. Rankin explained to me that she has known Mr. Sharpe for years and that she has great respect for him and for his integrity. As a matter of fact, she said that everyone who has ever worked with him has respect for him and that he is very kind and gracious and there is nothing racist about him or his intentions. According to Rankin, D.A. Sharpe, an older man, has a great interest in genealogy and it probably never occurred to him that what he was doing was not politically correct. He probably thought he was doing everyone a favor by listing the candidate’s genealogical backgrounds. Mrs. Rankin went on to say that Mr. Sharp has worked long and hard to get minorities in as election judges.

So how did this story get so blown up and where did Bud Kennedy get his information? A little Googling will quickly show that Kennedy has been continuously fed defamatory information about the Wise County Republicans, which he simply regurgitates without any real vetting, for quite some time.

This latest story evolved from postings by a woman who goes by TXSharon on the local Wise County Messenger Forum and on her own multiple “progressive” blogs. After being accused of constant and continuously blatant race-baiting on the WCM forum by several posters, TXSharon went out in search of anything she could use to once-again defame the Wise Republican Party. Then she started posting defamatory statements about everybody from the Christian right to Kinky and the Wise Republicans on her own blog at the well-known leftist Daily Kos site http://www.dailykos.com/story/2006/10/14/155821/25

Interestingly, TXsharon always ends her post comments with this little ditty “The Christian Right is neither Witness Every Day

Here’s a reader’s comment on Barry Green’s blog “Liberally Lean from the Land of Dairy Queen” that tells “the rest of the story.Hint to Bud - Links are included so readers can vet this story because you failed to vet by simply following your buddy TXSharon’s links.

“With regard to your link to TXSharon’s blog subject “Update: Republicans busted for blatant racism. Worse than Allen!”

“Where’s the rest of the story?
What made TXSharon go looking for anything she could find on the Wise Republicans this time?

Here’s the real scoop. TXsharon was rebuffed by two Independents and one Democrat for constantly race-baiting. All of those posters had publicly stated that they were going to vote for several Democratic candidates. Because TXsharon had announced on several subject postings that she was working in the David Van O’s campaign they thought that her race-baiting would harm his and other Democratic chances.

TXSharon actually provided the answer when she offered a link to the local “racists” . .

“I realize now that I have been slightly beaten down and suppressed by the local racists who accuse me of "race baiting" when I call them out.”

Since TXSharon was kind enough to supply the link, I hope someone out there will actually read the entire Wise County Messenger forum discussion that started this latest outburst. It can be found at http://www.wcmessenger.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=756&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=15

Instead of backing off from the race-baiting, TXsharon reiterated:
“I implied that Republicans have a base full of racist and haters and that the Republicans use the issue to excite that base just as they did before the 2004 election with their religious base.”

Concerned about how her race-baiting would affect Democratic candidates, one poster, Breezy, asked:

Speaking of your display of “political acumen”. . . You have openly announced on this forum on more than one occasion that you support David Van O’s for Attorney General, and that you are working in his campaign. So, more than what I say, what you say here and on your blog is a direct reflection on him. I like everything I’ve heard concerning Van O’s and I plan on voting for him. So I have to wonder what kind of reflection your constant race-baiting has on his campaign. What would he think about your statements? Would he support your race-card playing, or would he tell you to kindly “shut up” or disassociate yourself from his campaign? I’d really like to know, because that will effect my final decision. . . .”

At that point TXsharon appeared to call in her loyal troops for assistance.

Again TXsharon and her race-baiting minions were rebuffed by Breezy:

“That’s exactly true. I know that we are all for varying notions of immigration reform here. But to imply that those who are against massive illegal immigration must be racists, who are “demonizing Mexicans”, is race-baiting. To call the Republican base, the majority of the party, “racists and haters,” is race-baiting. To attempt to link those majority of Americans who are against massive illegal immigration to the religious right and/or Identity Christianity, to the militia movement, to the Klan or Arian Nation Brotherhoods, or to xenophobes, is race-baiting.

It is legitimate, however, to question if this is a wedge issue “that is being driven by the Republicans to create fear and excite the racists and xenophobic and to get out and vote.” (I just quoted TXsharon on that.) In the same way, it is legitimate to question the use of race-baiting as an attempt to create fear of Republicans among those minorities and marginalized peoples and groups in order to keep them in the Democratic fold. As an independent, I see fear-mongering tactics employed by both the Republicans and Democrats. This clouds the issue by keeping us focused on the underhanded tactics rather than being able to find viable solutions.”

Still more protests to Txsharon and her group of race-baiters. This was from Sierra’s Mom

THAT was uncalled for!! Whether you agree or disagree with someone on the issues, stooping to “name calling” is…excuse me for saying this, but…childish!! This is most likely why so many people will NOT post on the board! We can agree on issues…we can disagree on issues and debate them…great!! That’s what this country is all about!!

And a loyal Democrat, named 7117, protested to TXSharon

“You like to " put a spin" on anyone's post that disagrees with you. You've been called on this practice more than once on this board. Now as far as I'm concerned ...post what you think is in your best interest. It's your right to do so. However... I'll remind you that we are in a crucial election in this state and just a few weeks away. It would be in the best interest of the Democrat candidates that you claim to be in constant touch with...if you not drive any voters away or get them to questioning the candidates stand on the issues important to them...just because they are not important to you. Because of your repeated responses and lack of courtesy in answering my concerns regarding securing our southern borders and the fact that you appear to be representing Chris Bell on this board, that I've began to look at the other candidates running for governor.” Source: http://www.wcmessenger.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=756&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=90

So, Now you know the rest of the story!!!”
Source: http://skattershooting.blogspot.com/2006/10/theyre-all-white-up.html#comments

Note to Bud Kennedy. Your less than reputable source is now known. If you had bothered to do a little checking with local Democrats, as well as with local Republicans, you would have discovered that there is quite a lot of unity in what is thought about the notorious TXSharon. So instead of looking for something to spin left, why not try a little Vetting??? Until then, perhaps you belong with your buddies who are still spewing their race-card playing venom on the WCM at

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Thank you for your research into this horrible issue and letting everyone know the truth. I was interested in the full story so I went to the sites you linked. To say the least I was stunned. I am very unimpressed with Mr. Kennedy who calls himself a journalist. Wasn't this type of journalism what got Dan Rather in trouble by not checking the facts? His paper should be horribly embarrassed and should write an apology to the citizens of wise county.

It is a very sad state of affairs that people cannot understand the difference between legal and illegal immigration. If people would chose to really research how bad the illegal alien problem is they might surprised. It is difficult to deal with a closed mind, however.

I think I'll pull a "Dixie Chick"..
I'm embarrased the TXSharon is from Texas!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:00 PM  

Editor's comments: To the "anonymous" poster whose comment began, "DA Sharpe is quite proud of the fact . . .". The rest of your comments were despicable and your style is quite recognizable to anyone who reads the WCM forum. The reason comments are moderated on this page is because I will not allow personal attacks on private citizens, race-baiting innuendos, attacks on another's heritage, and foul language. I will make an exception in your case, however, because we all would love to know the real name of the source of Bud Kennedy's material. Therefore, if you will supply your real name and e-mail address when you comment, along with the rest of the above comment, I will be happy to publish it. Until then, I suggest you publish your comments on the WCM forum under any one of your various aliases."

By Blogger © 2006 Lake Bridgeport Sandflat News, at 12:04 AM  

I'll sleep well tonight knowing that at least the 9% of Wise County residents who are not "American European" will not be voting Republican in November.

By Blogger RadioLeft.com, at 2:54 AM  

Let's not confuse the left with the truth! What part of this article didn't you read??? "If you had bothered to do a little checking with local Democrats, as well as with local Republicans, you would have discovered that there is quite a lot of unity in what is thought about the notorious TXSharon."

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:52 AM  

Thanks for your comments anon 11:52am

This is abour a man who has only the best intentions for Wise County. I will say the same for the Democratic Chairwoman. After all, this is their home!

Bud Kennedy loves writing less than favorable articles about Wise County. Maybe sometimes he's been justified but not this time.

He really should have checked out his source and her activities and it shouldn't have been asking too much for him to get the opinions of some of the locals.

I guess he'll be getting those opinions now even though they were not requested.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:21 PM  

It appears that "radioleft" has a problem with wise county. Does he live here? Does he spend his money here? Does his kids go to school here? Does he pay county taxes here? Or is the only thing that he contributes the community is MOUTH! Talk is really cheap radioleft. You are clueless and want to believe everything that you read...ONLY if it is written by another leftwinger. I suggest you get off your fake moral highhorse and study some FACTS! You won't of course because you wouldn't be able to see the truth if it bit you . . ., and if you could you certainly wouldn't believe it anyway!! So keep up the leftwinger attitude, Americans can see through you!!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:48 AM  

I live and spend money here. I wish all you racist hicks would SHUT UP. You are hurting property values, making people in wise look like ignorant a***, attracting racist groups and just making a beautiful place very negative to be in. This includes the Democrat and Republican Chairs, STOP trying to help me out with my genealogy. I do not "fit" into any listed. None of us do. We are all American Mutts.AM and proud of it.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:17 AM  

Sorry to disappoint you but I was not the source to Mr Kennedy and I do not know who was.

You have much false information in your little fairy tale. Be very careful of that.

And, btw, not all the Wise Dems are in unified.

Of course, you will never let this comment get through. : )

By Blogger TXsharon, at 2:29 PM  

To TXsharon. Since YOU have told so many fairy tales on your own blog diary, I’m sure it’s hard to keep them all straight.

Remember this?

You wrote “This is going to be reported in Star Telegram and on several TV News stations. Watch for it! The Republicans have now made corrections.”


Or how about this comment from one of your militant bloggers: “Sharon you got the press to go with this? Good for you, thank you. Kick ass work, glad you have back up after they scrubbed their site. Impressed. (with you, not the Wise county republicans) :)
by: citizenx @ Fri Oct 13, 2006 at 12:57:07 PM MDT"


By Blogger © 2006 Lake Bridgeport Sandflat News, at 6:07 AM  

I want to thank you for bringing to our attention the racist remarks made. Even if everyone on the ballot is white, there’s still no excuse for someone putting somebody’s race on the Republican web site. But I don’t think it was intentional - just plain dumb. I also don’t like the black eye this TX lady is giving to us Democrats by constantly attacking Wise County and saying that everyone here is a racist that doesn’t agree with her. I have a lot of Republican friends and I can assure this lady that they aren’t racists. She claims to be a loyal Democrat, but after reading her stuff on the Messenger forum, I think she just an angry race-baiter in need of attention. This lady, whoever she is, is still claiming that she wasn’t Bud Kennedy’s source. She isn’t going to let it go and the more people call her out on it, the more she rants and rants. I think she just didn’t like getting caught race-baiting.

So I decided to go to the links you provided on your story and check it out for myself. I went to this lady’s web site at http://www.dailykos.com/story/2006/10/14/155821/25

Ok let’s see if we can figure this out together:

October 12th, Thursday, TXsharon posts “Is this white supremacy”

October 13th, Friday, Bud Kennedy posts a teaser for his Saturday article on his blog site

October 13th, Friday, Bud Kennedy’s articles comes out on the web

October 14th, Saturday, Bud Kennedy’s article is published in the Fort Worth Star Telegram

Saturday, October 14, TXsharon posts a story: Update: Republicans busted for blatant racism. Worse than Allen!

Here’s what she says:
“I reported about this too late last Thursday for the diary to get much notice here. . . .
My friend and I decided to report the Wise County Republicans to news media, advocacy groups and both of the major political parties. The local racist are angry and we are now targets.
Thankfully, Bud Kennedy, Staff-Writer for the Fort Worth Star Telegram decided to report. What I discovered was that this is not the first time Mr. Kennedy has reported about racism in Wise County.”

Looks to me like it’s real clear that this lady did admit to telling the press!!! I wouldn’t trust anything she said.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:24 AM  

I think it was a big mistake for Mr Sharpe to have put the ethnicity of the Republican candidates in their website. Was it a honest mistake? It is hard to know what is in a man's heart and head, but a lot this all could have been taken care of simply if Mr Sharpe had come out and said "You know what, I made a mistake and I won't do it again." End of story. He represents a majority of the voting citizens in Wise County. There are lots of issues facing Wise County and part of it is the influx of people moving in from other parts of the world that are more sensitive to the debate if this was a racist or non-racist thing that was done. The fact that it appears Mr Sharpe actual made up the abbreviation is suspect because A then would have to be included on all the candidates account we are all Americans.
If I may be so bold to suggest another alternative.
Q - Qualified
NQ or UQ Not Qualified or Unqualified
I don't believe TXSharon had anything to do with outing the Republican Website. if you believe she was the source then you are living in a Fool's Paradise. Bud Kennedy has it in for Wise County for some reason that goes back longer then when this started so it obvious to me he was his own source and since he did contact the Republican Party himself and check if this was right and was told no. well what can you say about that. I sure he keeps his evil eye on the Wise county to see what is going on here.
Is Mr Sharpe a reasonable man, probably, of good heart, possible, but I have only meet him a couple of times and until I know more, I will withhold my opinion.
As for the Democratic County Chair. I do know her.
If she runs again for County Chair I would give her this listing
UGTBK - U Got to be Kidding!

By Anonymous Hiway114Traveler, at 4:56 PM  

TX had alot to do with continued postings regarding Wise County being racists. See, she was kind enough to send us her blog sites to "show us" some type of power she apparently thought she had. In reviewing the links she, again, so kindly furnished, it was quite apparent that she was finding satisfaction in defaming an entire county and the entire Republican base. Then all of a sudden she wants to start this "oh poor me" attitude when she is called on it!! Maybe you should go read ALL the blogs she has put out..it seems like the links are furnished above! You are free to feel how you want, but please review ALL the facts, first! As she has her "group" have previously been told, I am sure that the hardworking citizens of Wise County will be quite interested knowing they are being defamed by members of their own community. THAT is very sad!! TX and her "group" are free to feel how they want and post what they wish, although SOME of them are getting quit close to a liable situation and are walking on very, very thin ice, BUT, they cannot expect others to "sit back" and allow what some of us consider "garbage" to go unchallenged!! If they want to "dish it out" they need to be prepared to take rebuttals!!

By Anonymous Sierra's Mom, at 9:18 PM  

For the record, nobody else tipped me about the Wise Republican website.

I found it Oct. 9 when I checked a name after visiting the Wise Republican Women meeting.

I had emails from others who found it. But I don't necessarily agree with their comments.

I sent this to the Sandflat News last week but it was not posted.

You are welcome to call or write anytime and ask about any column.

--Bud Kennedy
The Star-Telegram

By Anonymous Bud Kennedy, at 4:43 PM  

No posting comments were received from you until today. As you can see by the nature of the comments, both pro and con regarding this issue, we post every comment received unless the language etc. is not suitable. If you did leave a comment, for some strange reason it didn’t make it to this mail box until today.

With regard to your statement, all I can say is that there appears to be a mysterious set of strange coincidences surrounding all of this!

By Blogger © 2006 Lake Bridgeport Sandflat News, at 8:22 AM  

Editor's Note: Comments are now closed for this article posted two weeks ago.

By Blogger © 2006 Lake Bridgeport Sandflat News, at 6:05 AM  

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