Monday, February 13, 2006

Wise County: The Toxic Dumping Ground for the Oil and Gas Industry?

Get the latest toxic info at the new Wise County Messenger Discussion Forum

Fouled water wells, hydraulic fracturing, salt (and toxic waste) injection wells, toxic waste surface dumping, poor air quality, and local election races are the hot topics on Wise County’s latest addition – the Wise County Messenger Discussion Forum.

Once you get on the forum click on Local News and Events, and then click on Polluted or Fouled Water Wells.

You can learn way too much about the real and present dangers of the many toxins that threaten us - even right here on the North West side of Lake Bridgeport !!! What about stories concerning illegal toxic surface dumping under the cover of night by purple trucks right here in Sandflat??? Supposedly someone got fined a whopping $500. by the Texas Rail Road Commission. Could it be true??? (Note the Texas Rail Road Commission calls legal toxic surface dumping “Land Farming” – isn’t that cute???)

What about the story about a resident's water well that was flowing methane from the sink faucet in sufficient quantities to allow it to be ignited? Check it out on the forum.

Did you know that the EPA states that many chemicals in hydraulic fracturing fluids are linked to cancer; liver, kidney, brain respiratory and skin disorders; birth defects; and other health problems?

There are over 70 commercial injection wells in Wise County where outside waste is brought in from elsewhere to contaminate our water. I was told today that a map showing the location of the 70+ commercial injection wells in Wise County will soon be available on the Concerned Citizens of Wise County Web site. Also check out their link on our links listing.

According to the Rail Road Commission web site there are 19,000 “abandoned” wells in Wise County. If those wells aren’t properly capped, injected toxic waste water will enter those well holes into the Trinity Aquifer from below. It’s too bad that the Texas Rail Road Commission doesn’t even know where most of those abandoned wells are even located!!!

Not too long ago the state shut down a Chico injection well located near County Road 1450 east of Chico. You could locate the well by the line of dead trees north and northeast of the injection well. The trees died shortly after they started injecting the salt and other toxins that threatened resident’s drinking water. Read the entire story at http://www.wcmessenger.com/newsbindata/news/news/Stateshutsdownwell.shtml

Just yesterday the WCM ran a story that the Texas Rail Road Commission approved an application for yet another injection well near the intersection of County Roads 2625 and 2735. A group called Texas Citizens for a Safe Future and Clean Water has been formed to fight the proliferation of injection wells in Wise County. They told me that they will have a web site up and going ASAP. So look for the link here soon. To read the WCM story go to

Get involved and keep an eye out for 18-wheeler transport trucks dumping anything under the cover of darkness. Then get on the forum and report it ASAP!

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