Saturday, March 04, 2006

Some Comments on the Fire from the Marina Owners:

The fire was started from contractors working at the Marina installing
a new deck on the front of the store. TRWD permits were approved and
in place for the installation of the deck. We cannot comment on
specifics surrounding the fire as we were not there at the time but we
have talked to the Fire Chief, the contractors and others who were
helping look after the Marina during our absence.

We would like to thank everyone including neighbors, our contractors
and the local fire departments who worked heroicly to contain the fire
and put it out. Noone was injured and the fire was completely
contained to the store for which we are all grateful.

We will have the gas pumps up and operational again early this week in
a manual mode, the credit card service will take a few weeks to become
operational again. (We will take credit cards but will have to run them
manually). We will have a temporary store operational out of the
owners cottage (closest to the Marina) by the end of this week and it
will be open until the new store is built. We plan to offer bait,
basic tackle, ice and other essentials in the temporary store.

We hope to begin cleanup and construction of a new store within the
next few weeks and plan to have it open and running by Memorial
Weekend. Our new cabins are in place and we have heavy bookings for
both March and April.

We are looking forward to seeing you all this spring and summer.

North Side Marina and Resort

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North Side Marina Store Burns

Location: Near North Star Pointe. Apparently the store burned on Wednesday afternoon due to a welding accident. Questions surround the incident due to the Burn Ban and welding restrictions in Wise County. According to the chatter on Wise County Online forum, one poster who spoke with witnesses said, “I asked about the response time of the VFD...what with the excitement of the fire and trying to deal with it...the neighbor that I talked with said...he thought that they didn't take too long...maybe 45 minutes to an hour.”

For more details on the fire go to Wise County Online at http://www.advancedbroadband.net/forum/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=426

Here are the Wise Dounty Welding Restrictions:

- a 50-foot radius clear of any combustible material for outdoor welding;
- if a covered enclosure is constructed around a welding job, a 25-foot radius clear of any combustible material is required;
- For any work performed above 20 feet, the radius will increase two feet for every elevated foot;- maximum wind speeds must be under 15 miles per hour;
- relative humidity must be above 30 percent;
- two fire guards must watch the welding and have appropriate fire extinguishing equipment;
- the company or person welding must have $300,000-worth of liability insurance; and
- welders must report with the sheriff’s office before beginning work.

Source: Wise County Messenger, “Fighting the Fires”, published 1/5/06 at http://www.wcmessenger.com/newsbindata/news/news/FightingtheFires.shtml

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