Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Republican Blog With a Liberal Political Agenda??? Keep Em Guessing . . .

Last week I received an e-mail lambasting me for spending too much time writing about horrors of the Trans Texas Corridor. The reader was sick to death of reading about the TTC, and told me to “Stop pushing your liberal political agenda . . ..”

(See Wise County Citizens Say “No” to Trans Texas Corridor!!! )

Today, while searching for published reports of the TTC hearings around the state, I noticed that someone else in Wise County had blogged about the public hearing held on July 12th in Decatur. Did that blogger come away with a similar impression? I had to find out, so I clicked on the link.

Well folks, that’s how I discovered that our Lake Bridgeport Sandflat News is a “Republican Blog”!!!

The following is from LiveJournal

Marc Parent mparent7777 wrote,@ 2006-07-16 08:11:00

“Prior to the hearing, a popular, Republican blog in Lake Bridgeport posted this message: The Trans-Texas Corridor: The Defining Issue in the Upcoming State Races . . .

The next day, the same Republican blog posted this message about David Van Os: Wednesday, July 12, 2006 Meet Our Next Attorney General"
Source: http://mparent7777.livejournal.com/10288509.html

Guess the jig is up and it’s confession time. So I just had to rush this into virtual print so all of our long-time readers could be set straight. I’m not sure what the give away was? Perhaps it was all the times I mentioned “Republicans” in my blog? Let’s see? I’ll just do a search on this blog. Gee, I only mentioned “Republicans” once in over 2.5 years on 7/1/06.

“Let’s hope that the Democrats and Republicans can do something positive to end this sickening stereotyping and polarization.”

How about my mentioning Democrats? Let me search that too? Guess I’m not too even-handed. I mentioned the Democrats once more, also on 7/1/06.

“Check out the new very user-friendly Wise County Democrats web site at ...”

Ohhh – now we see. That’s a dead give-away for an undercover Republican blog! Just put in a permanent link to the WiseDems.com but leave out the Republicans. What better way to undermine all liberals?

Now, because we are primarily a local news blog, I try to do our residents a favor by posting almost anything newsworthy sent in by our readers (if it’s in good taste). So when our local Democratic Chairwoman, Brenda Rankin, sent me information about the new WiseDems.com site (see permanent links), I posted it. As a matter of fact, we set up reciprocal links on our respective web pages.

I’d do the same for the Republicans if they asked me, but I haven’t been asked.

So when it comes to news blogs, the sincerest form of flattery has to come from maintaining a balanced political confusion. I suppose we’ll just have to keep em’ guessing!!!

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Trans Texas Hearings Nearing an End: Tracking Hearing Outcomes

TxDOT began holding 54 hearings last month and will finish next week. The hearings have been designed to allow residents across the state to voice their concerns and to offer suggestions regarding the proposed Trans-Texas Corridor- 35 project.

Before TXDOT can move ahead with the TTC-35, a preliminary report must be submitted for approval by the Federal Highway Administration. If, and when, the Federal Highway Administration approves the study area sometime next summer, separate 2 to 5 year studies will be required to determine the exact routing of specific projects.

The news reports coming in following most of the TTC hearings across the state have shown overwhelming opposition to the corridor project. Since its inception, this entire TTC project has been shrouded in secrecy. Is there going to be any public oversight concerning the “official” results of these hearings? Will the “official” results mirror the evidence gathered in news reports? Doubtful!!!

A number of grass roots groups have started to track the outcomes of these public hearings. An excellent site keeping tabs (and showing various hearing videos) is Somervell County Salon at http://salon.glenrose.net/somnewsttc.asp

Lake Bridgeport Sandflat News will be compiling a listing of all published reports of the public hearings on the Trans Texas Corridor-35. We are looking for impact statements from local residents during the hearings. If you have published or read a published report following a hearing anywhere in Texas, please send a link to that published report to lakebridgeportnews@yahoo.com

The federal government requires that TXDOT must address public comments made about the TTC. Please take the opportunity to make your public comments before August 21st.

Go to the comments page at KeepTexasMoving.org

Or Mail your comment to:Mr. Ed Pensock, Jr., PEDirector of Turnpike Corridor Systems, Texas Department of Transportation, P.O. Box 14707, Austin, TX 78761-4707

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